My report has so far only contained experiments with a positive outcome. There were also people who experimented on themselves in the wrong manner and who then reported false results.
Many years ago I managed to win over for my experiments a very energetic teacher in the former province Posen, who had an impulsive aggressive nature. Bursting with energy, he went to bed just before 7 p.m. and tried to force himself to go to sleep. He also did this on the second and third day. On the fourth he wrote to me that my idea was quite stupid and the experiment had failed completely. He did not know that nature will not be ordered about and made to jump through hoops and that tiredness in the evening had to be carefully and calmly planned for in advance.
A second also very energetic gentleman undertook an experiment lasting five weeks and then wrote to a magazine stating that in his case the sleep from 7 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. was the most favourable. He also wrote that in the case of my other experiments, suggestion of some kind must have come into play and the lack of sleep would wreak its revenge on the subjects of the experiments. He himself slept in a noisy room facing the street which had a negative effect on his falling asleep punctually and also on the soundness of his sleep - he should have slept in a silent room! If he had always gone to bed at 7 p.m. (solar time!) and slept deeply till his awakening time of 2:30 a.m., then he could have - perhaps with the help of an alarm clock - attempted the earlier waking times for a longer period.
Negative judgements based on misguided attempts and carried out with prejudice are not of great significance. From this interrupted experiment, one can see the circumstances on which reliable results of the experiment are dependent.
There have been repeated cases in which those making the experiments have set an alarm clock and have arisen immediately without having had their sleep out. It is obvious that experiments such as this must fail, by the second day at the latest. One cannot be denied sufficient sleep for long. This is why the positive experiments over a lengthy period described above are so conclusive. It is the failure of the failed experiments that actually provides the proof for the successful ones. It is not the length of the sleep that is of significance but its affinity with natural rules and how sound it is.
The experiments require a precise, well-planned and individual method. If this was not forthcoming, they failed; however, if the above procedure was followed, the results were invariably positive. Energy is one of the most valuable qualities. Our experiments have the ability to turn off one's own energy and to allow the energy of nature to hold sway in its place. It is also necessary to immediately reorder one's way of life as closely as possible to nature's laws, otherwise success will fail to materialize. The law of nature is complete, something whole. Who would hold to it must hold to it in all essential aspects, otherwise the complete effect cannot manifest itself.