Theodor Stöckmann discovered natural sleep while still at grammar school in the year 1890 after "often working far into the night, thereby unconsciously destroying my health and suffering total collapse at the age of 18 as my reserves of corporeal and therefore also mental strength and vigour were completely exhausted" (see also pp. XX ff).
It was not until 35 years later, invested with the economically secure position of headmaster, that it became possible for him to "cautiously and modestly take up again spinning the delicate threads of research at my own expense", and in the 1930s the first test subjects were found and won over. After further writings on the subject had been published, the system of natural sleep became known in broader circles. A spate of articles by other authors followed in newspapers and natural health publications, dealing with similar effects being experienced after the subjects had adjusted to natural time.
In this booklet we have assembled the essential aspects of the system of natural sleep based on Stöckmann's "Natural Time" (see pp. 32). It also deals with additional aspects associated with the adjustment to natural sleep, such as health, general development and educational ability, in more detail.
Natural sleep is an epochal discovery of worldwide significance in two respects: 1) Time, creativity, achievement: with the adjustment to nature's time, not only can several hours a day be gained - usually 3 to 4 ½ hours sleep are sufficient instead of 8 - but also a rescheduling of the period for work is accomplished, to the early morning hours and the period after midnight respectively. By this means, the new work hours possess a quality they do not usually have for us during the day when we are subject to numerous disturbances and dis-tractions. This effect is amplified by the heightened mental clarity and vigour typical of this period.
2) Recovery of one's full health: The commencement of a revitalization process in the body accompanies the conversion to natural time. As confirmed by many reports, this can positively influence a whole assortment of diseases common to civilization. If consistency is observed, healing is usually accomplished in most cases - even should natural sleep be discontinued at a later time!
Following the discovery of the healing powers of fasting, healing plants and healing springs, water, air, light and earth, the system of natural sleep as laid forth by Stöckmann is one of the last great discoveries in the realm of natural healing.
Here, based on my own experiences, I would like to emphasize that natural sleep can only develop its extreme efficacy if the early hour of going to bed is rigorously adhered to, and the period of sleep not lengthened appreciably after midnight (care to be taken not to "oversleep"). Those who have had enough sleep get up! Those who are so inclined can take a short nap, for instance, between 6 and 7 a. m., this will not detract from the positive effects of the natural sleep.
In addition to this, adjustment to as healthy a diet as possible - one containing little meat - is very important. Any burdening of the body with unsuitable substances entails additional work and therefore a loss of energy for the organism - energy which will no longer be available for the purposes of regeneration. As a first step, potatoes at least should be bought at a health-food shop if they, even better, do not come from one's own garden.
Regular physical exercise is also helpful for the adjustment to the natural sleep, as for instance work in the garden or jogging, the latter with a minimum of half an hour twice a week. A lasting conversion to nature's time will, even from a social point of view, not be everyone's cup of tea. One should, however, at least be aware of the possibility in order to be able to avail oneself of it in times of professional stress or when the body is suffering from poor general health!
Most important is that one try it out oneself: Once this first step has been taken, we would like to ask you to show this booklet to your friends and acquaintances in order to spread the idea of natural sleep.
St. Goar, in July 2007

Reichl Verlag, M. Dräger