Circumstances admit of only giving general guidelines here for the adjustment to natural sleep. The main rules, in addition to which an undisturbed bedroom is necessary, are:

1. Make sure that you will be tired in the evening from natural causes!
2. Give way to the tiredness by going to bed!
3. Sleep until you have had enough!
4. Organize the content and time of your last meal of the day so that digestion does not disturb your sleep!
5. Get up as soon as you have had your sleep out, as oversleeping and lying-in are detrimental to your health. However, don't be nervous about sleeping for too long. Just sleep, everything else will take its course.
6. Try to stay up once you have got up out of bed, but take naps when nature demands them. During the day short stretches of sleep are generally more beneficial than longer ones.
7. Choose whole grain bread, fruit and vegetables for your table, avoid spicy food and live ascetically, soberly and poison free!

If one summarizes the seven rules then one is left with only three:
I. Make sure that you are tired in the evening!
II. Follow this tiredness and have your sleep out!
III. Get up as soon as you have slept long enough!*